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We think designers and developers can work better and more efficiently with the right tools.
We believe in the power of code literacy and leveraging the right abstractions.


Build pages and prototypes with React components. No configuration or build setup required.
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Tools for developing, documenting, and testing React component libraries


Zero-config React development environment & static site generator
Really, really excited about what this team is doing. Design systems and processes are so disconnected from development systems and processes - Compositor has such a great opportunity to build a bridge, close the gap, and make us all more effective at shipping products
Brian Lovin
They say a design system is only as good as how well it fits into your workflow, Compositor is that missing link for JS teams & what any design team > 1 person should be using to maintain product lines and an open exchange between design & developer.
Sun Rama

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We’ve built and contributed to many popular projects that help power the web.

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